Sarah & Ash

Photos by Out of The Studio

“Sonya was an absolute life saver in helping to plan and organise our wedding!

I like to think I was a fairly chilled out bride (although hubby may disagree!?), but in actual fact, I think this meant that I just hadn’t thought of a bunch of things I needed to consider, and was also pretty terrible at making decisions, because my answer was always “I don’t mind…”. Sonya absolutely helped us to plan out all of the things I either hadn’t thought about, or presumed wouldn’t matter, in a really personal way. This made the whole process a lot less stressful, particularly on the day, when the hard work of planning those little things out in advance, meant we could just enjoy our day!

On the day, Sonya was just brilliant. The list of things she took care of is endless, and meant we could just relax and be oblivious to any potential issues which arose (which I’m still assured is none!). From making sure the venue for both the ceremony and reception was set up as we’d planned; helping to get people into the right spots; directing vendors; liaising with the venue coordinators; directing cars and the bridal party on arrival; making sure I was drinking water and getting a bit to eat; and being a friend, and calming my nerves!

It was also such a delight to get to know Sonya personally while planning our wedding. Not only is she a super organised wedding guru, but such a beautiful person. Having her around to help with planning things was really fun, and felt more like having an old girl-friend around to help out! It was a pleasure to have someone so lovely and caring be a part of our day, and make a beautiful friend in the process!

I didn’t even know that I needed a wedding planner, or half of what that meant. But I was so incredibly grateful for all of Sonya’s help, and would highly recommend her to anyone planning their wedding!”

- Sarah