What’s Trending in 2017?

Given it’s a brand new year, what are we likely to see in wedding colours and trends in 2017, I hear you ask?

2017 is going to have a clean, fresh, simple palate of both colours and styles. Soft, romantic, whimsical and sometimes delicate.

Colour-wise think about using white with lush greenery, or classic black and white but playing with texture rather than blocks of black. Rather than choose one defined colour, say royal blue, go for a matching palette of tones in medium-dark blues. This will give a softer effect. Or pair neutrals with foliage and wood – think understated. Go for brushed metallics rather than glitter. 


When thinking about the design and styling for your 2017 event, think simple, natural. Less is more. I think the use of vintage-looking items like wooden pallets/creates, old suitcases, and probably a good amount of hessian and lace, will continue to be popular in Australia this year, due to its easy and inexpensive availability.

Wedding dress-wise, I think we will continue to see more lace and dresses with simpler, sleeker lines rather than big ball gowns. Given our warm weather, I think this is a good way to go! We will also see a re-emergence of the one-shoulder look, and lots of no-shoulder action as well for bridesmaids as well as brides.

If you are looking for a little inspiration, check out the Aisle Society (www.aislesociety.com). That’s my hot tip for 2017.